ForLEx 2.0.0 (Armando) Released !!!

YES! After a lot of hours spent on this project finally I can say … RELEASED!

Infact after a deep study on the different tools and how they can be usefull and in which way we (forensics people) can use them. I released this new version of my old forensic oriented distro. The most important part is the WRITE BLOCK EVERY TYPE of storage and the ability to BLOCK DIRECTLY IN READ ONLY any attachable storage. In this case we are sure that all our operation can’t damage accidentally our work. This is very important because, if under stress, we can change the end of our game thank only to a wrong click !

Another “nice” feature is the multi-kernel for differet platform we have 486 – 686 and AMD64 so we have covered a lot of …

For helping to avoid these problems I’ve developed, also, ForLEx Mount Manager (release 2.0) that is the unique interface to the mount and ro/rw operations.

The tools inserted into this version (v.2.0.0 Armando) are  :


LdegLinux Disk Editor like Norton Disk Editorhome page
HexeditFile Viewer in Hex or ASCIIhome page  
nanoText editor home page  
vim Multipurpose editor home page  
GeanyMultipurpose editorhome page
shedHex editorhome page

System tools

dmraidManage raid diskshome page
dds2tarUse dds features with tar home page
tpconfigManage touchpadhome page

File tools

unzooExtractor for zoo fileshome page
zipMake zip archiveshome page
lzma7-zip formathome page
lzopCompress with lzophome page
unrarOpen rar fileshome page
unzipOpen zip fileshome page
xfeFast powerfull file manager  X Window. home page  
Endeavour II File manager home page  


txt2regexwizard for regular expressionshome page
dd_rescueversion error_tollerant of dd home page
cabextractCab extractorhome page
uudeviewUtility for send  file using e-mail o news-group home page
tofrodosConvert text filehome page  

File System tools

macutilstool for manage mac’s filesystemhome page
dosfstoolsms-dos fat file system  filemaagerhome page
genisoimagetool to make image for burninghome page
mtoolscollezionedi utility per manipolare file system msdoshome page
ntfsprogsmanipola file system ntfshome page
wodimcommand line cd/dvd writing tool home page
gpartTool for finding lost partitionshome page
gpartedGnome partition editorhome page
hfsplusTool to access HFS+ formatted volumes 
hfsprogsManage HFS and HFS+ file systemshome page
hfsutilsTools for reading and writing Macintosh volumeshome page
ntfsprogsTool for doing neat things in NTFS partitionshome page

Network tools

cryptcatTCP/IP netcat with twofish encryption home page
gigoloFront-end to manage connection on remote filesystemshome page
httptunneltunnel over http protocolhome page
lftppowerfull client ftp ftps http https etc. home page
mtrtraceroute with X11 gui and ncurses home page
ncpfstool for Netware Serverhome page
netcatSwiss army knife of TCP home page
nmaputility for network exploration and security auditing home page
open-iscsiHigh performance, transport independent iSCSI implementationhome page
sswrapwrapper for all protocols TCP based  home page  
smbclientclient for server SMB/CIFS home page  
wicdWired and wireless network managerhome page

   Graphical tools

AbiwordDocument editorhome page
epdfviewPdf viewerhome page
xloadimageGraphical Viewer for X11home page
photoprintUtility for printinghome page

Forensic tools

aesfixTool for correcting bit errors in an AES keyhome page
aeskeyfindTool for finding and repairing AES keys
home page 
afflib-toolsSupport for Advanced Forensics Formathome page
chaosreaderTrace network trafichome page
dcrawutility per convertire il formato raw delle macchine fotografiche digitali in immaginihome page
ed2k-hashTool for generating ed2 linkhome page
ext2grepRecovery tool 
Ewf-toolExpert Withness Formathome page
LinEnLinux Encase by Guidance Software home page
foremostRecovery toolshome page
FtkImagerTool for acquiring in forensics mannerhome page
galletaInternet Explorer cokie forensics analysis toolhome page
grokevtTool for reading Microfoft Windows event log fileshome page
guymagerForensics imaging tool based on Qthome page
hdparmManage  hdparm parameters of the hard diskhome page
libphash0Perceptual hashing libraryhome page
md5deepRecursively compute hashsumshome page
memdumpUtility to dump memory contents to stdouthome page
missidentifyA program to find win32 applicationshome page
myrescueRescue data from damaged hard diskshome page
nastyTool for recover GPG passphrasehome page
pipebenchMeasures the speed of stdin/stdouthome page
recoveradmrecover files/disks with damaged sectorshome page
reglookupUtility for read and query Windows NT/2000/XP registryhome page
rifiuti / rifiuti2Windos recicle bin analysis toolhome page
safecopyCopy utility ignoring errorshome page
scalpelQuickly file carverhome page
sleuthkitCollection of tools for forensics analysishome page
ssdeepRecursive piecewise hashing toolhome page
pascoAnalyze Internet Explorerhome page
podsleuthforensic on iPodhome page
scrounge-ntfsdata recovery for ntfs partitions home page
tableau-parmTableau write-blocking query/command utilityhome page
tctCollection of forensics related utilitieshome page
unhideForensics tool for finding hidden processes and portshome page
wipewipinghome page



ForLEx Live-cd v. 2.0.0 is based on the distribution Debian Linux legacy from which the license.

If not otherwise specified, the software on the CD falls under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Similar to other Open Source licenses, this means that you can copy, modify, redistribute and even resell the CD without restrictions, as long as the recipient receives the same license. The source code of the standard packages on the CD are available from their respective original providers (for example on the FTP servers at Debian, RedHat, Mandrake). Individual packages, as specified by the GPL, may fall under another license (for example Netscape). If in doubt, the licenses can be found in the help sections or the DEB-database (dpkg -p package-name) of each software package.

If you need to change the CD distributed here, being released under GPL remember to communicate to the author, through e-mail Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo , and properly cite the source.


This product is considered experimental and not complete, its use is at your own risk. The implementer can not be held responsible in any case for damage to hardware or software, loss of data, or other direct or indirect, as well as for damages resulting from use of this software. We recommend, however, test the functionality on non-critical devices while avoiding the use of which those not know, with certainty, the result of operations carried out. In some countries the cryptographic software and other components present on the CD are governed by regulations on export or even from software patents, which may prohibit the distribution or download. The lessee is liable for its compliance with all applicable laws. If you plan to use commercially or distribute (and sell) this CD and the software included in it, you have to acquire the necessary licenses and permissions from all holders of its copyrights, or remove these components before the start distribution.


ForLEx Live-cd v. 2.0.0 è basato sulla distribuzione Debian da cui eredita la licenza.

Se non altrimenti specificato tutto il software presente nel CD è rilasciato sotto GNU General Public License. Similmente ad altre licenze Open Source, significa che è possibile copiare, modificare, ridistribuire ed eventualmente rivendere il CD senza restrizioni. L’utilizzatore o l’acquirente avrà la stessa licenza. Il codice sorgente dei software standard  installati su CD sono disponibili presso i rispettivi ed originali distributori (ad esempio dal server FTP di Debian, RedHat, Mandrake). Pacchetti d’installazione individuali, come espresso dalla G.P.L., potrebbero essere rilasciati sotto un altro tipo di licenza (ad esempio Netscape). In caso di dubbio, la relativa licenza di rilascio può essere trovata nella sezione di aiuto del pacchetto o nel DEB-database (dpkg -p package-name) di ogni software.

Qualora fosse necessario modificare il CD qui distribuito, essendo rilasciato sotto GNU G.P.L. si ricorda di comunicarlo all’autore, per mezzo dell’indirizzo e-mail Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo , e di citarne correttamente la fonte.


Questo prodotto è da considerarsi sperimentale e non completo, il suo uso è a proprio rischio e pericolo. Il realizzatore è esonerato da ogni responsabilità in caso di danni ad hardware o software, perdita di dati, o altro, diretto o indiretto, oltre che per danni derivanti dall ‘uso di questo software. Si consiglia, comunque, di testarne le funzionalità su dispositivi non critici evitando l’uso su quelli dei quali non si conoscerebbe, con certezza, il risultato delle operazioni eseguite. In alcuni paesi il software crittografico e gli altri componenti presenti sul CD sono disciplinati da regolamenti sulla esportazione o anche da brevetti software, che possono vietarne la distribuzione o il download. L’utilizzatore è responsabile del proprio rispetto di tutte le leggi applicabili. Se si prevede di utilizzare commercialmente o distribuire (e vendere) questo CD ed il software in esso incluso, dovete acquisire le necessarie licenze e le autorizzazioni da tutti i titolari dei relativi diritti d’autore, oppure rimuovere questi componenti prima di iniziarne la distribuzione.